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How do you know if your deck needs repair or needs to be replaced? Decks are important part of our house. We need to ensure that every step we take is safe and we need to avoid any creaking sound because that might already be a sign that your deck needs attention already.

But when can you tell that your deck already needs repair? There are six signs that you might want to look into to assess if the deck is still for repair or needs to be replaced immediately. First sign is the wood support post and beam. You need to check if there are any signs that these are rotten. If it did rot, that is a bad sign. Having a rotten wood regardless if it is your deck or any part of the house is actually unsafe already. Old model of decks are prone to rots because of the moisture it absorbs from the ground.

Next, you need to check on the footings. Of course, footings should be sturdy but still it doesn’t guarantee that there’s no shifting or movement over time so it might have already been slowly dropping or heaving. Another sign is the erosion around the posts. Regardless if you have concrete or wooden footings, once there is soil erosion, it will affect the support of your deck posts and footing, thus, making your decks destabilized.

Dec k boards that have sign of cracks or splinters can also be a sign of replacement. A deck of twos or threes can be replaced immediately by a contractor but once more than half of the decks are showing the cracks; repair might not be a good idea after all.

Another sign is loose railings or deterioration. A deck showing loose railing should not be ignored because this might lead to major accidents if left unnoticed. Last sign is the fact that you didn’t maintain your deck for the longest time is a sign of repair.

To decide whether repair is sufficient or not is not solely your decision. If you want to ensure that you do the right thing, hire a contractor that specializes in flooring and decks. They are the best people for the job. You might think that you will save more on the expenses if you have it repair but the contractor will tell you otherwise.

If you want to know how much will it cost for the repair or replacement, you can ask for a quotation. All you need to do is find your contractor, let them check the real situation and let them suggest the best solution to your problem. They can give you a quotation so that you will know how much to prepare for the repair or replacement project.

Never settle based on your own judgment when it comes to your decks. Always trust contractors to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe all the time. This is also the start of having a regular maintenance and checking on your decks to avoid severe damages and more expenses in the future.

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