Diving safari Red sea Egypt

For those who like the diving safari red sea egypt and not only, He wants to dive or have already joined to this case 🙂 It is worth to be born, to study, to work, to save money, learn to dive, buy a ticket to come to liveaboard Egypt – and dive into the Red Sea. And be born again, finding a stunning, fabulous, unthinkable beautiful world. 

The world that begins on the other side of the mirror surface of the water is beautiful always – in any weather, at any time of day and year. If you’ve ever seen how sport in corals multicolored butterflies as slides on the bottom of the shadow of a giant stingray, like moray peeps out of a crevice as cutting sticking out over the reef wreck – this world does not let you go.
You will return to it again and again to experience the excitement and soaring flight, the joy of discovery, the feeling of complete peace and happiness.


The main feature of diving in the Red Sea: it’s great. There is a lovely place for beginners and challenging areas for experienced divers, underwater currents for “flight”, the steep wall reefs, coral gardens and shipwrecks. It is interesting to dive and philosophically-minded divers and lovers of extreme sports. 

In this tourist service developed great selection of dive clubs and their services is incredibly high. You can start from scratch and get a certificate, you can dive with an instructor without any certificate.
You can live in the hotel and at least every day to go on a boat in the sea, you can settle on a specially equipped comfortable boat for diving and go on a safari for a few days. I am writing about the Red Sea because it is the most affordable and the money and the time of flight, it is very beautiful and warm almost all year round …


  • 1. If you like to swim with a mask – choose a hotel with its own reef. In an extreme case, you can go to the coral and on the boat, but it will have to pay.
  • 2. If you love to swim and just relaxed sunbathing at the beach – in any case do not take the hotel with its moorings, otherwise the boat will spoil the air and mood. Ask whether there is a beach hotel, and is it possible to go into the water there.
  • 3. If you want to experience a completely new experience – go diving. One-time immersion (introduction dive) is worth no more than $ 20.
  • 4. When buying a dive tour you must know what you want: to see what diving, to experience new sensations, to gain experience and improve.
  • 5.Lyubiteli extreme diving must have a certificate and a special insurance DAN (in its place will not be asked, but in complicated cases, potential for extreme diving, the only ones able to cover all possible expenses).
  • 6.Vybiraya tour, you need to identify opportunities for resorts and specificity of diving zones, including the features of underwater flora and fauna, the presence of sunken ships. It is necessary to take into account the seasonality, visibility under water, underwater currents, and if you are interested in nature – the terms of animal and bird migration ,.
  • 7.Obuchitsya diving and get certified better in Russia, as dialogue with a foreign instructor compounded by the language barrier. But sometimes dive centers offer on-site services of Russian instructors. In this case it is necessary to know in advance how to look international certificates – there are cases where unscrupulous dive centers in the resorts deceive newcomers, giving fake certificates.
  • 8.The resort should choose a dive center with a good reputation. As a rule, proven and reliable centers are at 4-5 star hotels. Prices in them may not be the lowest, but personal safety is more important. Good reputation are high-tech dive centers, such as those that use gas mixture “Nitrox” for deep-sea diving. Also important is the level of professionalism of the instructors and the contingent center customers.